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MTV Beats Love Duet:
Jashn-e-Bahaar Ft. Sushant Divgikr

MTV Beats Love Duet is a collaboration between some of India's most prominent and talented LGBTQIA+ artists. This album, produced and distributed by MTV Beats, is India's first mainstream queer love album, with songs explicitly discussing lived experiences of India's vibrant queer community in a joyful, heartfelt way.

Jashn-e-Bahaar, the first single from the album, discusses the universally known feeling of unrequited love.



Music by: Rtunjya

Lyrics by: Rtunjya, Rushik Thakkar, Sushant Divgikr

Singer (both voices): Sushant Divgikr

Mix Engineer: Doyle Soares

Talent Partner: Kitty Su

Produced by: MTV Beats 

Video Directed by: Ayush Arora

MTV Beats Love Duet:
Hai Toh Pyaar Hi Ft. Shubhangi Chakravarty & Carnic


Hai Toh Pyaar Hi is a celebration of women loving women. It is bold, unapologetic, and indignant. The rap verse expresses the all-consuming love the rapper feels for her lover. She compares her feelings to the vastness, beauty and purity of nature. She demands answers for why she has been made to hide her love for so long, and refuses to be shamed into hiding any further. The chorus is another celebration of how fiercely women love, and is a declaration by women who refuse to have their love looked down upon by anyone. 


Music by: Rtunjya and Ma Faiza

Lyrics by: Rtunjya, Ma Faiza, Shubhangi, Carnic

Singer: Shubhangi Chakravarty

Rapper: Carnic

Mix Engineer: Doyle Soares

Talent Partner: Kitty Su

Produced by: MTV Beats

Video Directed by: Rishi Singh

Film Score: Compromise

Logline - A woman being faced with life struggles of work, job and family has to come to a compromise to avoid consequences.



Independent Shorts Awards - Best Student Director (Male) (WINNER)

Independent Shorts Awards - Best Student Short (WINNER)

Indie Short Fest - Best Student Director (Male) (NOMINEE)


"Hang on to Your Shorts!" Film Festival - Best Student Film (OFFICIAL SELECTION)



Chelsea - Madelynn Wierda Charlie - James Eiesland-Birch Interviewers - Valerie Woodside, Grant Castle, Joshua Knox Chelsea's Mother - Marissa Tolini



Director/Producer - Wenhan Zhang

Director of Photography - Luke Watson

Assistant Director - Annie Kleven

Script Supervisor - Daniel Turner

Casting Director - Inaija Butler

1st AC - Marco Bonanno

Production Designer - Cayla Cramer

Production Sound Mixer - Ziyi Yuan Unit

Photographer - Justin Flores Production

Assistants - Joshua Knox, Joel Meisinger, Ricky Price

Composer - Rtunjya Gujral, Lance Conrad

Bewitched- Laufey (Cover)


Guitar: Rtunjya Gujral

Voice: Cadence Joy

Engineer: Ember Ex and Lia Navarro

VH1 Count On Me: Valentine's Day Promo

The objective of the promo was to promote VH1's Valentine's Day countdown special Count On Me, and as the songwriter and music producer my brief was to write a love song that was based on counting something down. 

The video exclusively features footage from music videos that were licensed to VH1 India.


Music by: Rtunjya

Lyrics by: Rtunjya

Mix Engineer: Doyle Soares

Promo Producer: Akriti Saronwala

Original Music: Caffeine Rush

Though his song doesn't have an explicit meaning or message, for me the structure of its arrangement is very reminiscent of the cyclical and repetitive routine I was living during the pandemic. All the bass and synth sounds were designed with Logic Pro's stock plugins, which made for good synthesis practice. However, my biggest takeaway from making this song was how to translate the ideas I was hearing in my head on the DAW as accurately as I possibly could with very minimal resources, even if it was hard, even if I felt like stopping. I learned that if I experimented enough, something would inevitably click.


Music by: Rtunjya

Visualiser by: Rtunjya

Mix Engineer: Rtunjya

Original Music: Sine

I produced Sine for a mixing assignment for my Audio Engineering Diploma Course at ILM Academy. While working on the song, I tried a more nonlinear workflow wherein I mixed the song as I was writing it. I was able to sculpt the song better when I allowed myself to work on every element as and when I had ideas for them, versus following the arrange-mix-master module I thought I had to abide by unconditionally. 

The arrangement and mix of the song is minimal, as the echoey synths take different forms and construct each section of the song organically. 


Music by: Rtunjya

Mix Engineer: Rtunjya

00:00 / 03:29

Live Performance of a Cover: Dreamland by Glass Animals

I started this cover as an exercise in sound design, wherein I tried to replicate every sound in the original song as accurately as I could. However, my version of the song started to take its own shape as I started hearing a soft drum groove and a few more arpeggios in a different take on the arrangement. For the most part, my version doesn't deviate much from the original, therefore I would consider this more of a reimagining than anything else.

I've also arranged a live performance of this cover on the Ableton Push 2.


Music by: Rtunjya

Mix Engineer: Rtunjya

Dreamland: Glass Animals (Cover by Rtunjya)
00:00 / 03:23

Distance by Emily King- Cover by Rtunjya and Shubhangi

This cover demonstrates my abilities as a rhythm guitar player accompanying a vocalist. ​


Guitar: Rtunjya

Voice: Shubhangi

Sunraaz: Fundraiser Concert in Collaboration with Calcutta Art and Flea (now Art and Flea Project)

I performed and contributed to the Sunraaz Fundraiser by Calcutta Art and Flea. The fundraiser was organised to aid PrantaKatha, an organisation that was putting together free COVID-19 vaccine drives for West Bengal's LGBTQIA+ community, with a focus on transgender individuals struggling with financial insecurity.

The event raised 28,500 Indian Rupees. The entire amount was utilised for the free vaccine drives.

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